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Sheet Metal Cutting Machine

By Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Machine manufacturer in Ahmedabad

At Sigma Laser, we believe in providing the highest level of service to our customers, for which all the inputs, opinions and feedback are taken into consideration by our Research & Development team and is used to deliver finest products to our Customers.Laser cutting is a sheet metal cutting thermal procedure. Laser beam laser is made by source. Which is planted by the transport fiber, mirror on the cutting edge of the machine.Where a lens is very high power foot focuses on very small diameter. This laser beam melts the sheet metal completely by focusing it on the sheet metal Laser cutting machine is a versatile machine. In addition to the metals used in the flat, these pipe tubes and profiles are processed by cutting systems. Mainly cutting stainless steel and aluminum.A thickness of processed sheet metal ranges from 0.6 to 25 mm.
The fiber laser is the most recent improvement in the laser slicing machine.The laser beam is made by means of a lively fiber and transmitted to the end of the transfer fiber slicing device. The laser beam is created by using a lively fiber and transmitted over a shipping fiber to the gadget cutting head. Fiber lasers are much less than CO2 lasers and generate twice the power from the equal quantity of current. A fiber slicing machine is appropriate for the processing of skinny thick sheet metallic.The laser beam is focused with the aid of the lens in the reducing head and directed onto the workpiece by way of the use of a nozzle. The reducing gas moreover flows through this nozzle. depending on the application, oxygen, nitrogen or compressed air is used as the reducing gas.
As an Organised and world-class organization, all our products are synthetic in compliance with set business standards the usage of top rate first-class uncooked cloth and advanced era. We use international elegance superior-grade uncooked cloth, we've got a group of 23 individuals in a manufacturing unit for research and improvement, who keep on doing innovation and works on growing a better exceptional product, which keeps us ahead of the marketplace.we are the manufacturer and concentrate on studies and produce all varieties of Laser cutting gadget with more the 14 years enjoy within the same field.
Laser reducing is the high-quality slicing technique of what we realize at present, the advantages of laser cutting is: Tiny thermal deformation, high accuracy, low noise, no pollution, low jogging price and high efficiency, as a superior cutting technics the laser reducing have broadly utility scope.Fiber laser is recognition era at laser discipline in current years, it speedy to alternative the YAG AND CO2 laser in laser slicing process enterprise, the media strength of laser will be the most popular in third technology laser slicing device, because it has satisfactory quantity of laser beam, smaller volume, free preservation, easy operate, lower environment requirement and many others. It has a huge application inside the manufacturing enterprise.
Industries metallic slicing, electric switches production, Elevator manufacturing, family appliances manufacturing, Kitchenware manufacturing, equipment production, vehicle parts, Jaali paintings, interior, mild, furnishings and so on.

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